PS5 matte black for legal pre-order thanks to dbrand!


Want a matte black color for your next console? Well, you could pre-order the PS5 in this pre-order iteration.

The next iteration of the PS5: matte black. In short, a color that fans have always wanted. For those who do not yet have their console, they could pre-order it dressed like this. This, thanks to Dbrand. Ready to pay a heavy price?

The PS5 therefore continues its boom… Although the stock-outs are enough to drive any gamer crazy. Especially since things are not going to get any better.

For now, Sony is struggling to find a famous component, which is delaying production. Either way, his marketing stunt worked well.

Whether it’s the Xbox Series X or the PlayStation 5, next-gen consoles are selling like hot cakes. The demand even eventually exceeded the supply and everyone is actively looking for these consoles.

A godsend for the scalpers who don’t hesitate to grab a single unit and sell it at a high price. What a bad thing! Gamers would like to put a console in their mouths.

If the restock is slow to show the tip of its nose, a new iteration of the PS5 will emerge. This time, she will be dressed all in black, to the delight of the fans!


The PS5 we know has two colors: white, mostly present, as well as layers of black that highlight the edges of it.

However, gamers love the personalization. Very early on, we saw creative souls flock the plates of the console to make it unique in its kind. High class !

For example, we have found plaques honoring licenses like Assassin’s Creed or Mortal Kombat or Japanese animation works like DBZ.

For the more fortunate, a gold-covered version has also emerged, thanks to Russian Caviar. A PlayStation whose value runs into the millions. We do not have the same values.

For its part, the giant Dbrand has just developed a matte black design “completely legal”. You can pre-order it now, but seats are expensive. Ouch!

If you want to pre-order this PS5, you will have to wait until next April to have it in your hands. When you know that the current PS stock isn’t going to bail out anytime soon, it might be worth it.


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