PS5: Marvel’s Avengers better on Sony than Xbox Series!


Gamers rejoice, “Marvel’s Avengers” is finally coming to PS5 and Xbox Series. But the game seems to be better served on the Sony console.

Next month, the next-gen version of the Marvel’s Avengers game will debut on the new Sony and Microsoft consoles. But once again, PS5 players will have a few advantages that Xbox Series players will have to do without …

For many months, the companies Sony and Microsoft waged a fierce struggle to impose their new machine as the benchmark of the new generation.

They took it in turns to unveil their capabilities and design, making the mouths of many players around the world.

Unsurprisingly, it was therefore the very famous Japanese manufacturer who emerged victorious from this battle with their long-awaited PS5. Even if the sales of its direct competitor remain more than correct.

It must be said that he was able to make his customers salivate by fueling the mystery around his latest little gem. And it seems to satisfy those who own it!

Once again, Xbox Series gamers will see red. The netx gen ’version of the Marvel’s Avengers game is less complete than the PS5 version! Yes, you did hear it.

On the Internet, Internet users are rising up.

PS5: Marvel’s Avengers better on Sony than Xbox Series!


Available for purchase since August 14, 2020, Marvel’s Avengers emerges as one of the most popular games around. It must be said that it rocks!

Who has never dreamed of the smoother flow of playing their favorite heroes in epic battles? Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man or even Spider Man, they are all responding!

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In fact, a new character is about to land in the game developed by Square Enix. As most fans know, this is Hawkeye. No, you’re not dreaming !

But that’s not all … The Man with the Arrows carries another cute surprise in his quiver: next gen patches! Yes, you did hear it.

In a very short time, PS5 and Xbox Series players will be able to enjoy the best game of the moment in an optimized version. We love !

But once again, the faithful of the very famous Japanese company are better served than those of the American giant. The former will have two graphic modes available, against only one for the latter.

On PS5, players can choose to run the game in native 4k, or in 4k checkerboard for better fluidity. Xbox Series gamers will have no choice but to go with the first option.

But rest assured, this is the only noticeable difference. For the rest, the two consoles will share the same new features. See you in March!


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