PS5: Mark Cerny Reveals Hardware Secrets and Console Creation


PS5: Mark Cerny is a household name who has been following game news for a few years. He is the current head of system architecture for the PlayStation, which means he led the creation of the PS5. And now the developer offers a short lecture for those who want to learn a little more about the new console’s hardware.

The video above was made for Wired Tech Magazine. In it, Cerny begins by pointing out that he started his career in software development, not hardware. That is, from games, not consoles.

He comments that he has worked on classics like Crash Bandicoot to newer games like Marvel’s Spider-Man. Cerny believes his experience in the game creation process helps him better decide the hardware priorities of a new console, looking to deliver what developers really want and not waste time on what doesn’t matter to them.

The executive comments that this dialogue with developers was one of the main drivers for the PS5’s SSD, one of the most highlighted hardware points by Sony in promoting its new video game. He explains the importance of shorter load times for creating games, not just for the player’s comfort.

But this is just one element of a very detailed video, which calmly explains many of the console’s technologies. For those who are enthusiastic – and understand English – it’s worth checking it out.