PS5 Launches in China and Units Sell Out in Pre-Order


PS5: It is not a big news that the PS5 has been a great success worldwide, with units completely sold out in most countries, but it is only now that the console will make its arrival in China. Sony confirmed the launch in the country for May 15 and has already opened the pre-sale for those interested.

The big problem is that history has repeated itself and all the units available there have already been sold out, both in the disc version and in the console that only accepts digital games. The best thing is that the Chinese who manage to buy the PS5 will have a very interesting bonus, since the PS Plus Collection will be included.

It is worth remembering that until a few years ago, China did not allow consoles to be launched in the country, but that changed in 2014 and several companies started to bring their platforms and games to Chinese players. The PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch are some that had already been made available on the site recently, so it was expected that the new generation consoles would follow the same steps.

Unfortunately, the Xbox Series X / S has yet to be released there, but now that its main competitor has been made available in one of the largest markets in the world, there is no doubt that Microsoft plans to do the same.

We just think that Sony should include the PS Plus Collection for its fans in the West too, after all, it would be a very welcome incentive for those who are still in doubt whether or not to go after the difficult task it is to buy a PS5 today .


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