PS5: Katsuhiro is working on the most expensive game!


Bandai Namco drops a little bomb! Katsuhiro Harada announces that he is launching the most expensive project in history for a PS5 game!

Bandai Namco rocks a stone in the gaming pond! As the covid hit quite a few companies, including Sony for the PS5, Katsuhiro Harada announces that he is working on the most expensive game he has seen!

A big announcement, when everyone has lost money … But the capabilities of the Sony console, whether we speak of speed or graphics, have obviously given ideas.

Producer and director for the brand, Katsuhiro Harada remains best known for fighting games. He has indeed managed the release of the entire Tekken series… But on PS5, he decides to try something else.

He announces it, he is working on “the project with the highest cost in the history of the company”. But this time, the creator is stepping out of his favorite field: it won’t be a fighting game!

Katsuhiro Harada didn’t want to say too much … But he still teased the project well during a New Years live. The PS5 would have given him ideas to relaunch the sales of Bandai Namco!


“I honestly think this could become the most expensive project to develop in Bandai Namco’s history,” he says. It’s also unbelievable that the superiors approved it. ”

The creator admits, the covid is a problem … “Due to the coronavirus, we were unable to start properly. “But the project seems launched for an upcoming arrival on PS5 …

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“I develop other things besides fighting games,” he explains too. I don’t think I’ll ever make another fighting game except Tekken. “The producer will not say more …

But he throws a little bomb. And Bandai Namco fans are already imagining some games on PS5. A new series? Or the return of a history like Tales of? Mystery!


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