PS5: Joe Biden wants to understand the lack of conductors!

Stocks are still struggling to bail out on the PS5. This time, President Joe Biden steps in and tackles the shortage!

It’s been a while since the shortage lasts and the players are sweaty. So United States President Joe Biden also seems to be concerned. The latter wants to know what is causing the shortage of semiconductors. Will it help bail out the PS5 stock?

Well, the PS5 continues to be talked about after all. At the end of 2020, her name was on everyone’s lips and players did everything to try to get it.

However, the console failed to make it into everyone’s hands, much to their dismay. Sony did not foresee this: the giant faces a shortage all over the world.

Units are lacking and the stock is struggling to replenish itself due to a shortage in the market. Indeed, its rival the Xbox Series X is not left out either and must face the same concern.

This is because of the semiconductor chips that make up the two next-gen consoles. As much to say to you that it becomes complicated for the two rivals to remake the hand.

Finally, Joe Biden could be a game changer. The President of the United States also wants to understand why the PS5 is unable to replenish its stock.

PS5: Joe Biden wants to understand the semiconductor shortage!


We didn’t expect it and yet Joe Biden comes into the game too. The US president therefore ordered an investigation into these chips.

These are the sine qua non in the design of consoles from Sony and Microsoft. Namely, the so-called PS5 and Xbox Series X that are talking about her all over the globe.

According to the British BGC website, Biden has already signed a presidential decree asking the federal government to handle the matter. So things take a hell of a turn.

“This is about making sure that the United States can meet all the challenges that we have had to face in this new era of pandemics,” said the executive. So this is more than self-interested action.

The Oval Office seems to have at heart in its political strategy to meet the challenges “in terms of cybersecurity, climate change and much more”. He therefore intends to show it.

This shortage of semiconductor chips is a major issue for Joe Biden, as it isn’t just about the PS5. It is also a question of restoring the image of America.

Europe represents only 10% of the market for these chips. It’s no wonder, then, that our chairman would rather challenge McFly and Carlito rather than help Sony stock up on PS5s.



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