PS5: Japanese Stores Check Boxes To Control Console Resale


PS5: The shortage of semiconductors has broken the production chain, so there are few units and resale has inflated prices. A year after the launch of PlayStation 5, getting a console is as complicated as it was before. The main reason is the lack of semiconductors, an essential component for the manufacture of these machines, which has caused a shortage of stock and the emergence of speculators through resale. According to VGC, some Japanese stores are marking the console boxes to fight against resellers.

The Nojima Denki chain implemented new policies since last month, by means of the queues they write the name of the buyer next to the PS5 boxes. They also damage the packaging of the DualSense controllers. Now, PSU assures that another Japanese electronics store, GEO, has taken action on the matter. They have confirmed to customers that they will mark the inside of the box on all units they sell.

Measures against resellers

In Japan it is common to sell the PS5 under a procedure similar to that of the lottery, something that GEO also does. The chain announced the new measures last week and has asked consumers to agree to the terms. According to this news, they informed customers that they are going to open the package, as well as the DualSense. Since this year, some chains have made the decision to restrict sales to members of their loyalty programs with credit cards.

The semiconductor problem has logically affected the rest of the systems on the market. The stock of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S has also been extremely limited, while the Nintendo Switch OLED has not been spared from production problems either. Everything seems to indicate that the situation will continue until well into 2022, so the crisis still does not have a date set for its end. Thus, those who want a next-generation console for Christmas will have to arm themselves with patience and be lucky.