PS5: it is possible to customize the DualSense controller!


According to our colleagues at Clubic, it would now be possible to customize your PS5 DualSense controller, with the color of your choice

As is often the case with a product on the market, we don’t really like its first color. Proof of this is with the Sony PS5. The new console from the Japanese firm is not really unanimous with its white “dress”. Gamers would have preferred to see it all in black. On the other hand, in terms of its DualSense controller, this one seems to suit fans perfectly.

However, if some people want to change the color of their controller, it is possible, as you will be able to find out in this article. However, be aware that it was not Sony itself that launched the new color range for the controller.

In other words, the Japanese firm could quickly suspend this “clandestine trade”. But already, before lashing out at people who skip their rules slightly, maybe she should focus on the PS5 itself.

Because yes, since November 19, it has proved almost impossible to get the new console from Sony. Some restocking is being done on certain shopping sites but apart from a hundred consoles, players do not have much to eat.

But that could change as early as this week. According to several rumors, the PS5 could again be available on merchant sites.


Once you finally have your precious console, you can customize its controllers as we let you know. Clubic, indicating that a company, would offer several color cases:

“Indeed, if the console should ultimately benefit from custom options from Sony, this may also be the case with the DualSense controller. In this sense, on its website, Decor Evolve already offers a dozen dedicated shells for the PS5 controller. ”

Before indicating the price of this “tool”: “$ 9.99! We can thus get our hands on new hulls in pink, orange, blue, red…. These are intended to replace the black plastic part present on all DualSense controllers. ”

It remains to be seen how long we will be able to take advantage of it before Sony puts an end to this “trade”. Recall that SUP3R5 had tried to launch a business of facades for the PS5. But after receiving many threats, had to resolve to stop everything …


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