PS5: it could be available at 549 euros only!


In some time, therefore, the PS5 should hit the shelves of every store. Something to make the most impatient happy.

It must be said that the new console from Sony makes you want! All the players on the planet are then eager to make it a pretty place in their living rooms.

But before that, we will still have to be patient. Acquiring it as soon as it comes out is already very complicated!

Indeed, many experts say that the available stocks will therefore be much lower than demand.


Not long ago, an email sent by a very reputable English reseller therefore leaked on the Web. And very crispy info is there …

To the chagrin of the most impatient, we can then see that the PS5 will indeed encounter a stock problem when it is released.

But that’s not all ! A prize also appears in this famous mail. No, you’re not dreaming !

According to the dealer, the PS5 will thus display a price of 499 pounds sterling, or 549 euros at its release.

Is this real info? Nothing seems certain yet … However, Internet users want to believe it.

From now on, all that remains is to take your trouble patiently while waiting for new information. Case to follow!

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