PS5: Issue That Would Make It Impossible To Access Games May Have Been Resolved


PS5: Sony Interactive Entertainment appears to have fixed a bug that could make it impossible to access both physical and digital games on the PlayStation 5. Reported in April this year, the issue at hand was related to the console’s CMOS battery.

If the charge was completely depleted, removed or damaged, the error in question (known as cbomb) made the PS5 system unable to recognize the licenses for games purchased in digital format, in addition to making it impossible to install games on media. physics.

Now, according to Hikiko of Hikikomori Media, a patch may have been released that reversed the situation. As there has been no announcement from SIE, there is no information on which update has resolved the cbomb, but tests have shown that losing access to games on the PlayStation 5 is no longer a major concern.

As seen in the video, removing the battery no longer affects the system, which normally recognizes digital games (including PS4 and PS2 titles, for example) and physical media, which are no longer prevented from being installed. There are also no restrictions on the game’s region: as shown by Hikiko, a Japanese PS4 game ran normally on an American PS5.

The only “however” is in relation to the PS Plus library. In case of cbomb, the system is unable to check the status of the service subscription and, consequently, access to the redeemed games is blocked.

However, should there be any problem with the PlayStation 5’s CMOS while there is no possibility of component replacement, connecting the console to PSN seems to temporarily resolve the situation. The necessary verification data is downloaded over the internet, allowing players to enjoy their games without any further hassle.