PS5 is completely sold out in Japan


PlayStation Japan advises that they will not open the option of more reservations until further notice. Sony is planning a large-scale launch of the PlayStation 5.

PlayStation Japan has issued a statement to announce that the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition are fully sold out in Japan. After a complex reservation process where there was more demand than available units, the Japanese firm now reports that the situation will last longer: reservations will not be opened until further notice.

It is not certain that there will be PS5 launch in Japan (reservations not included)

In fact, they warn that there will still be no availability until the console comes out on November 12, at least, although it is not insured either.

A similar scenario is the one that we find in other parts of the West, such as the United States and Europe, where the certainty that we will see units on November 12 and 19, respectively, is non-existent. Sony has not indicated if we will see unreserved units on store shelves on release dates, so only those who were able to reserve the console at the time and have completed the purchase process with the relevant store or merchant are guaranteed their unit .

Just a few days ago, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan warned that there might not be units for everyone at launch. In other words: demand has far exceeded supply. In Spain, when the PS5 reservations were opened after finishing the PlayStation Showcase, they lasted just a few minutes. Such is the expectation that PS5 reserves have exceeded PS4 by 12 hours in its first 12 weeks.

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To learn more about the console reservation processes, we recommend reading this report, in which we spoke with the responsible members of the Xtralife digital store chain.

PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition will go on sale this November 12 for sale worldwide (in Europe it will do so on November 19) at a price of 499 euros and 399 euros for each model. In this article we list all the starting games.


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