PS5 is bugging the download queue


The PS5 has had a curious problem with its download system. According to reports by the IGN Americana team, the bug causes games to be “stuck” without being downloaded or canceled. And the most curious thing is that the titles appear in the user’s library, but not in the PS Store, asking the player to buy the game again.

The problem was found in at least three team members. This error can take two forms: leaving the game listed forever in the “Queue to Download” status or presenting an error when downloading it. Both ask you to check the Downloads menu, but it does not display the titles.

The bug was reported by many players who purchased the game Call of Duty: Cold War, released on Friday (11). However, the bug is not limited to just those games, as other consumers are also experiencing the problem with games like Demon’s Souls, Spider-Man: Remaster, and even the Disney + app.

Activision recommends a factory restore of the PlayStation 5 for those who are experiencing this bug with Call of Duty: Cold War. IGN USA members themselves did the procedure and said it worked. However, it is worth remembering that this same procedure would format the console, requiring the user to have to install the other games again – and may even experience the problem with another title.

So far Sony has not commented on the matter, and there is also no forecast of an update for this bug to be resolved.

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