PS5: Interstellar and Inception will be adapted as games!


Christopher Nolan says his two blockbuster films Inception and Interstellar could be adapted into video games soon

Have you always dreamed of putting yourself in Leonardo Di Caprio’s shoes and spinning his famous top like in Inception? Or get on a rocket like Matthew McConaughey in Interstellar? And whether the latter was indeed alive or dead behind Murphy’s library? Be aware that this could be done on PS5.

Yes, you read correctly. Christopher Nolan’s two successful films could be adapted into video games. It would not be surprising. Indeed, many films have inspired video games and vice versa.

So why not those of the genius of the time you will tell us? Because yes, Nolan is a very appreciated director. Notably for his intrigues that only he can imagine, but also thanks to his cliffhanger in each of his films. But how do you adapt all this to PS5?

This work, we leave it to the engineers who will be in charge of it. Because the latter would have a lot of work if they really wanted to follow Nolan’s idea. And port his films to a video game.

Indeed, many questions arise to get Inception and Interstellar on PS5 and other next-gen consoles. Particularly the main question: would the game follow the main story?


This is indeed the question we could ask ourselves. Since not all movies ported to game consoles follow the storyline of the movie from which they were the inspiration. Like Spider-Man, for example.

Whether it’s the first installment on PS4 or the last on PS5, the Miles Morales story does not appear in the movies. Or at least not at the moment. Therefore, we can assume that the developers will not follow the main story of Inception or Interstellar either.

Or, on the contrary, will follow it to the letter. In any case, after having conquered the cinema, Nolan therefore wishes to conquer an audience of gamers. In any case, this is what he was making known as Gentside notes:

“It’s really something that interests me.” But if we want to enjoy a game from one of his films, maybe it would be better to release it on PC. As the machines are always more powerful than a PS5, they could support the project better.


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