PS5: India attacks Scalpers to limit console resales!

In India, customers can now report Scalpers and thus limit the resale of PS5s at exorbitant prices. Faced with the scourge that the Scalpers represent for gamers, India has decided to act. Now, fraudulent resellers can no longer sell their PS5s for exorbitant prices.

Available for purchase since November 19, 2020, the PS5 quickly saw its stocks go up in smoke. The players rushed to the stores!

And for good reason … For many months, the Sony company has been able to fuel the mystery around its new little gem. And it seems to have worked!

With more than 4.5 million consoles sold in just two months, the famous Japanese manufacturer has achieved the most beautiful launch in video game history. Yes, you did hear it.

As a reminder, the latter had sold 300,000 machines less at the launch of PS4. You will have probably understood it, so it is a huge success!

Especially since he faces a small problem … Demand is exploding, but the manufacturer is not really able to supply enough machines.

And the health crisis is not helping the situation. Players must therefore resign themselves and wait for the next restocking of PS5. Or … They can break their piggy banks and turn to often unscrupulous dealers …

Furious with the latter, the Indian customers organized a real witch hunt!

PS5: India attacks the Scalpers to limit the resales of consoles!


Not long ago, Jim Ryan, the boss of Sony’s PlayStation division, made an announcement that seems to disappoint more. No restocking of PS5 is expected until the second half of the year. Yes, you did hear it.

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For those who hoped to get a console as soon as possible, then it will be necessary to be patient. But there is still a country that fights against those mainly responsible for this ordeal.

You will no doubt have understood it, so these are the famous Scalpers. With the help of bots, they seize the available inventory and then sell it at very high prices.

In India, customers have decided to take action. Now, they can report resellers to the authorities if the price of consoles sold spends the 49,990 rupees, or about 560 euros.

And yet, they don’t do things by halves. Many Scalpers have already been reported across the country. The method seems to work pretty well.

In other countries, some companies have also taken action. In the United States, Walmart is thus trying to block bots at the source during restocking of PS5.

So what do you think of these initiatives to stop the Scalpers? We let you give your opinion!



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