PS5 implements navigation window for crossgen games


Despite several successes in the hardware and interface of the PS5, one detail was bothering players who have already made the generation migration: there was a lack of clarity when choosing between playing the PlayStation 5 or PS4 version of the various titles available on both platforms.

Thinking about it, Sony implemented a small change in the system, as noted on the Tidux player’s Twitter and also on the Resetera forum. Check out:

Now, when clicking to start the PS4 version of a game that also has a PS5 edition, the console shows the warning message indicated above, giving the option to migrate directly to the new generation. “Play on PS4” or “Switch to PS5” are the alternatives indicated in the prompt.

Before this was implemented, the only way to know which version of the game you had installed involved navigating through various internal menus, which gave you more headaches than necessary. What did you think of this update? Are you satisfied with the PS5’s features? Comment!

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