PS5: Huawei wants to compete with Sony with a console?


Huawei, the smartphone king in China, will have to redouble its efforts to achieve such a feat. He wants to compete with Sony and his PS5.

So can Huawei even hope to compete with Sony’s PS5? At least, that’s what the Chinese aspire to do. The smartphone manufacturer now wants to make game consoles. Never mind … Will it be up to the challenge?

It didn’t take long for Sony to shatter rival Microsoft with its PS5. The latter distances its competitor, the Xbox Series X by far, it seems.

Proof of this is that the console is sold out all over the world. What to scare the competition, knowing that this launch is unprecedented.

However, some firms arrive where they were not expected. Like KFC who wanted to create a console to compete with the two next-gen machines.

For its part, the manufacturer Huawei also seems to cherish the desire to sweep Sony. He now wants to get into building game consoles, just that!

It will take more for the PS5 to flex, knowing that everyone is ripping it off. Is there a chance that Huawei will finally follow through on its threats or is it an impossible dream?


Huawei is best known for its smartphones that rival Apple and Samsung. However, the giant has several techs to its credit.

So it wouldn’t be totally incongruous for him to get into the creation of game consoles. Although that is not his usual selling heart.

Still, Huawei has already launched the machine … The manufacturer is already working to make his dream come true. Isn’t it all beautiful?

We doubt that Sony’s PS5 will let it go in this area. After all, the Japanese are not at their first attempt with 5 consoles by the sweet name of PlayStation.

Without counting its portable consoles, the PSP and the PS Vita with much less success however. You might as well say that the competition is tough and that the Chinese giant has to worry about it.

What works in Huawei’s favor: the fact that it is developing two Notebooks that will delight early gamers. Two Notebooks that will land this year, if all goes well.

Also, Huawei will have to work on products on its own territory. For its part, Sony and its PS5 must manage delays that are too long to obtain essential material to replenish their stocks.

It remains to be seen what the Chinese-maker will do to put its Japanese rival out of harm’s way. Things do not seem to have been taken for granted. To be continued…


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