PS5: How to Use Your Account, Transfer PS4 Data


Sony prepares the arrival of its new console with several explanatory videos as a guide so that no player misses anything when using a PS5.

The arrival of PS5 in stores is imminent and, with this, Sony has published a total of three explanatory videos on its YouTube channel as a tutorial or user guide. These contents, which are aimed especially at the most neophytes or people who may have difficulties when setting up their new console, are based on three fundamental points that, likewise, understand that many of these buyers may already be members of the PS4: How to transfer data from PS4 to PS5, how to use your account and recommended settings.

How to Transfer Data from PS4 to PS5

The first of the tutorial videos explains, in less than three minutes, the process of transferring data — games, applications, saved games — from PlayStation 4 to PS5. The first and essential thing is that the two consoles are completely updated to the latest firmware version and are connected to the same Wi-Fi network or Ethernet cable of the same infrastructure. As everything will be done in the background, PS5 can continue to be used.

There are other methods, such as inserting the disc in your new console, although the most comfortable thing for many others who are subscribed to PS Plus is to download their saved games from the cloud. On the other hand, whether or not we are subscribed to PS Plus, the games that we have purchased on PS4 (PS5 will be backward compatible with 99% of PS4 games) will continue to be available on the PS Store available with download on the PS Store; some with improvements, what we understand as Game Boost.

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How to use your account and recommended settings

Regarding the transfer of data from our PlayStation ID account, that is, the PSN or PlayStation Network account (friends, trophies …), it is done from PS5. When we turn on the console for the first time we will have to connect the controller via USB and we will be able to log in either manually (the traditional slow method of writing the account and password letter by letter) or by using the PlayStation App with a QR code. Faster.

Finally, the recommended settings will offer three energy saving methods; one of them with updates even when the console is paid – although it will not be completely off, but at rest. There are also Low consumption options and a third personalized to configure that energy saving as we want.


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