PS5: How to turn it off, on and put it to sleep mode


PlayStation 5 is now available worldwide and that is why we tell you the basics you should know: how to turn off, turn on and put it into sleep mode.

Finally we can say it without fear of being wrong: PlayStation 5 is now available worldwide. We can already enjoy the new generation of Sony in our homes, so these days you can find in MeriStation a series of simple step-by-step tutorials to know the basics of this console and enjoy the catalog of launch games that arrive to show us how the new generation will improve our user and gaming experience.

How to turn PS5 on and off

It is something basic, but it is likely that if we are new players we do not know exactly what options we have to turn the console on and off, since we will find a new interface with menus and options not seen so far in previous consoles of the company. Here we leave you all that are available for now (and I suppose forever, since it is not usually something that is updated and added over time):

Physical button: the one that we must keep pressed to turn the console off and on is the one located further down (if we place the console vertically).
In a “digital” way through the menu: we briefly press the button with the PlayStation symbol on the DualSense and we can access the menu from which to turn off or suspend the console.

How to put PS5 into sleep mode

The console’s sleep mode is very useful to be able to perform different functions such as charging the DualSense controllers without having to have the console turned on and expending more energy, keep games updated, download programs and games, upload our files and save data to the cloud thanks to PS Plus, keep games suspended without closing them and more.

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Of course, it is worth mentioning that some users who already own the console are experiencing certain errors related to putting it in sleep mode, so in the absence of a statement from Sony and take out a patch that solves it, we must be careful when using this function. As for its method of use, we simply must do the following:

Physical button: the same as to turn off but instead of holding down we only have to press it once briefly.

In a “digital” way through the menu: we briefly press the button with the PlayStation symbol on the DualSense and thus access the menu from which to suspend the console.


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