PS5: How to sync the Dualsense to the PlayStation 5


We detail how you can correctly synchronize the DualSense of PlayStation 5 (PS5) on your console, now available worldwide.

The DualSense is one of the main novelties and innovations that PlayStation 5 brings with it. The console is now available throughout the world, so we can enjoy titles such as Astro Playroom or Demon’s Souls, among others, in style. By this we mean what functions such as adaptive triggers, haptic sensors or the sounds that the command itself emits when an enemy throws a bomb at Boletaria, for example. What we can not know if we are newcomers to the world of consoles or simply do not dominate the Sony machine too much is how to synchronize the DualSense to PS5, so we will explain it step by step in this simple tutorial below.

How to sync DualSense to PS5

When we start the PlayStation 5 console, they will tell us on the screen that we must press the button with the Play symbol in order to synchronize it with the console easily and simply. Even so, it is likely that sometimes we use the controller to play other platforms with which it is compatible, so it gets out of sync with the PS5. To re-sync, we must take the following steps:

Select the Settings option at the top right of the main menu (gear symbol).
We go down until we find the “Accessories” section (under Screen and video)
We click and there we can select both General to see what accessories we have connected by Bluetooth and Controls (the second option starting at the top).
Once there we can choose the “Communication method” with the console, either Use Bluetooth, cable and others.

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