PS5: How to create a PSN account on PlayStation 5


We explain in simple steps how to create an account on PlayStation Network to be able to enjoy all Sony services on your PS5.

With PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition available in Europe (Spain included) as of this November 19, thousands of players who start their new console will start using their old PlayStation Network account, the one where they have linked their previous PS4 games and future PS5 titles that we can enjoy without limit thanks to backward compatibility. Now, what happens to players who don’t have a PSN account? We give you a hand.

How to create a PlayStation Network account on PS5

Important and above all: make sure you have your console connected to the Internet. From the settings section you can configure a wireless network (Wi-Fi) to connect with your router; or connect by cable. Surely you do the first, but in both cases it is just as valid.

1. The first step is to go to the settings section. You will see that it indicates that you have not logged in. Click Sign in.

2. Next, go to Users and accounts

3. In the Accounts section, click on Login.

4. Now, since you are not logged in, click Create account.

5. You will see the first part of the form: date of birth and other personal information.

6. Now, choose your country (this is important for the PS Store region)

7. Finally, choose the session ID (email account) and a password that you will have to type twice to verify that you have not made a mistake. You will receive an email to the selected account to confirm.

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And ready. You will now be able to log in with your email account or the nickname / nickname you have selected. PS5 has several subscription modalities; one of them is PS Plus, which allows you to play all the video games on the console online as well as access at least 2 free games for PS4 and one for PS5 (which varies from time to time) that we can enjoy as long as we keep the account active.


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