PS5: How to check hours played on PlayStation 5


PlayStation 5 allows us to know how many hours we have played both PS5 games and those of PlayStation 4. We explain how.

With PS5 already on sale around the world, one of the main novelties of the new generation Sony console is that it allows us to check how many hours we have played our video games. And yes, it is possible to see it both for the new games that we release from PS5 as well as those that have accompanied us for the last seven years on PlayStation 4.

How to know the hours played in PS5 and PS4 games

The procedure is so simple that it can be summarized in three easy steps. We explain everything in detail, but it should be said first that to see the hours of our games correctly we need to log in with our PlayStation Network account, the same one that we used during the PS4 era.

First, we go to our Profile. The icon at the top right, next to the settings icon. We enter.

We will see a display with status, trophies … we click on Profile.

Now, we click on the Games section, which as you can see in the image shows us the hours, statistics and percentage of completion of the trophies that we have achieved in all our PS4 and PS5 games to date.

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