PS5: How do we get the used console?


The PS5 is finally released to the delight of gamers. The console is however already out of stock and is difficult to find.

Many video game fans waited for the release of the PS5. The new console is already a victim of its success and there are only a few places left to find it.

Sony has been teasing the release of the PS5 for months. Video game fans were eagerly awaiting it, and the console promised great things. In particular, it had to be faster with even better graphics.

Thus, on November 19, Sony released the console to the delight of fans. In fact, many did not wait until Christmas and flock to the sites to buy it. Some had been lucky enough to be able to buy it on pre-order.

The PS5 is $ 499.99 for a standard model and is $ 399.99 for a digital edition. The price did not deter any gamer and the console came like hot cakes in a day.

So today it ran out of stock and everyone is firmly waiting for new stock. This might not happen until 2021, which can put parents on edge.


With Christmas approaching, many parents have surely promised the PS5 under the tree. However, some will not be able to keep their promises and this may disappoint many children.

So, for the most desperate, there is still a solution. Many people have bought the console in order to resell it online. So gamers – or parents – can buy it on sites like eBay… but it comes at a cost!

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Indeed, the price of the PS5 climbs on the site and this can reach sums exceeding 1000 euros! So it might be a big drag when you know it’s worth half as much.

Thus, the StockX site offers consoles for a somewhat reasonable price. There are still around 700 euros for the Digital Edition and around 800 euros for the standard version. It will therefore still have to pay the price, but it may save the parents for Christmas!


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