PS5: Hides the console in the dishwasher for Christmas!

Here is a very strange way to hide a Christmas present. Indeed, a family hid their PS5 in a dishwasher before the holidays!

People are ready to do anything so that we do not discover the pot-aux-roses. If the gift is worth the candle, the hiding place was daring. A family therefore hid a PS5 in a dishwasher for Christmas.

When you live with a large family, it’s hard to find a place where no one goes. Especially when the members of this family are curious villains.

However, some do not spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Will they have seen this PS5 hiding among the scenery? Not so sure after all …

If every year we wonder where to hide gifts, we couldn’t have dreamed of a better hiding place. For this family, therefore, the work did not last long …

If these are young children, not sure whether they will venture into troubled waters … The dishwasher therefore serves as an ideal hiding place.

Mom and dad therefore decreed that the dishwasher would serve as a hiding place for this precious sesame. After all, some people pass a PS5 off for an AC!


On Reddit, we could therefore see a photo of said console hidden in the lower bin of the dishwasher. For those who don’t like to tackle this chore, then this is the perfect place to hide it.

A brilliant idea that perhaps gives us ideas for years to come. As we know, some people love to search around the house to discover their gifts in advance.

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Yep, it’s not the fat guy in the red suit who brings you your PS5! Once again we are breaking a myth.

Anyway, in terms of hiding places, the bigger it is, the better it goes as they say. What is certain is that it worked and that the person in question saw nothing but fire! Well worth a PS5.



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