PS5 has a pack that includes accessories and television


Sony’s next-generation machine has already been launched in some markets and will arrive in Spain on November 19.

Sony’s new console is about to be marketed on the European market, but accessories can already be purchased in advance. Those who want to jump to the new generation with PS5 have the possibility of doing it only with the console, but also with many of the official accessories that will accompany the machine when it goes on sale. As has been published in the Reddit forums, Canadian users have the possibility of getting a very attractive pack, which even includes television. Of course, at the moment it has not been confirmed beyond those borders.

The bundle is accompanied by one of the new 55-inch Bravia televisions designed to take advantage of next-generation console technology. In addition, it comes with a PS5 console, an extra DualSense controller, a charging station for the controller, the new Pulse 3D helmets, remote control, a copy of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and PlayStation 5 HD Camera, all for a price of about $ 1600.

The first PS5 games

PS5 will go on sale in Spain on November 19 in two different models, one with a reader (499 euros) and the other without a disc reader (399 euros). At its premiere, players will be able to enjoy Astro’s Playroom (pre-installed on all consoles) and other games from PlayStation Studios. They are titles like Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Demon’s Souls or Sackboy: An adventure in a big way. The offer is complemented by several intergenerational titles, among which is Assassin’s Creed Valhalla or Cyberpunk 2077, recently delayed until December 10.

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