PS5: Godfall will not be playable offline


The Gearbox video game will be released this November on PS5 and PC with a clear commitment to fighting, looting and obtaining loot.

Godfall will require an active subscription on PS Plus to play online and will not allow us to play offline even if we are in solo modes. The new Gearbox video game, which will be launched this November on PS5 and PC coinciding with the premiere of the new Sony console, now offers new details through the official PlayStation website.

The title, which will base its gameplay on real-time action with RPG mechanics, melee combat and a slasher looter structure, can now be reserved in any of its three editions. The official portal in Spanish is clear in the requirements: “It is required to play online” and “It is required PlayStation Plus to play online”.

Three editions available for Godfall: € 79.99 to € 109.99

In summary form, PlayStation describes Godfall as a title for hunting loot and obtaining equipment for legendary armor. Fight and loot. “Embark on an adventure in this action-fantasy RPG that uses intense third-person melee combat to engage players in obtaining loot, equipping themselves with legendary armor and defeating ruthless enemies.”

The base game of Godfall will be priced at 79.99 euros. For its part, the Deluxe Digital Edition will cost 99.99 euros and will give one-day access to the first extension that will arrive in 2021. Finally, the Ascended Edition will have both the full game and that one-day access to the first extension of 2021 and various articles; Highlights: Gold Valorplate skins for Silvermane, Phoenix and Greyhawk, 5 gold weapon skins, a gold shield skin, a gold Skin Royal badge, and more. Its price will be 109.99 euros.

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Godfall will be released on November 12 on PS5 and PC; that is, one week before the official launch of PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition this November 19. The console will cost in Spain 499 euros and 399 euros, respectively.


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