PS5 Godfall reveals the Hinterclaw with a new teaser


Just a few seconds of footage show the new class, which will be revealed later on PlayStation 5 and PC. Months ago, Godfall was the first game officially confirmed for PlayStation 5, even before Sony itself announced the projects it has underway for its next-generation console.

The title, which is also planned for PC, is an action fantasy game with many looter elements. In this period of announcements that does not seem to end (the cancellation of E3 2020 due to the coronavirus has something to do with it), Counterplay Games, the developer of this video game, has just published a short teaser, focused on The Hinterclaw class.

Little or nothing can be made clear from the video, which lasts just under 40 seconds. All in all, the trailer serves as an appetizer for what is to come, so it is expected that the title produced by Gearbox Software will announce more news soon. Godfall had his moment in the presentation of PlayStation 5 games, and everything seems to indicate that Sony Interactive Entertainment will not miss the opportunity to mount a new show in the future (it has not yet announced the launch date or the price of its new console).

The war that never ends

The Counterplay Games game takes the player to a world overwhelmed by war. Its creators have implemented role-playing mechanics both in customization and in its combat system, which seems frantic, although it will also have a strategic point of view. As a looter, it will be crucial to find new equipment and more powerful weapons so that no one can resist us on the battlefield.

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Godfall is scheduled for late 2020 on PlayStation 5 and PC. A more specific date has not yet been announced, waiting for Sony to move tab and finally reveal when it will market the console. Meanwhile, Microsoft has already confirmed that Xbox Series X is preparing to land in November of this year.


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