PS5: Giant console in the Guinness Book of Records!


The Youtubeur ZHC has just received a giant and functional PS5. This one will also be able to enter the Guinness Book of Records

On the occasion of a competition, the YouTuber ZHC has just received a sumptuous gift from Sony. A PS5 console 3 meters high for the modest sum of 70,000 euros. A console which should enter the Guinness Book of Records.

It is our colleagues from Phoneandroid who have just released the information. And the info in question should annoy more than one. Indeed, at a time when it is proving difficult to get your hands on it, Sony has decided to create a giant technological gem.

In other words, this PS5 undoubtedly required many components for its creation. Many are in short supply, so this would mean that ZHC was privileged for the simple purpose of obtaining an artistic object.

And if we think this news is annoying, it’s because console is proving even rarer than gold as of this writing. Blame it on the health crisis, stocks should not return to normal. At least, not until the end of 2021.

Since an essential piece to its creation is in great demand, the Japanese firm is not a priority to have it. This therefore slows down its production and therefore does not meet the demand of all players.

That’s why, seeing that one person is privileged while millions of gamers wait for their PS5 is a big deal. Hopefully Sony didn’t need to skip thousands of consoles to create the 3-meter-tall one …


But as we let you know, it is not for nothing that the Youtubeur had this right. Indeed, the latter received this gift for a special occasion. In fact, he asked several artists to paint both sides of the console.

This brings together several million people in the video and allows everyone to win. If we can give you an info calming the rage of those who do not yet have a PS5, know that many technological jewels from Sony were distributed as a result of this.

Indeed, ZHC wanted to please many children who do not yet have their console. An act that no doubt softens the rage that pervades the minds of many frustrated people. Despite everything, there will still be a few people left to criticize the contest and we can understand them.

Some prefer that Sony focus a little more on the huge demand around the PS5 and that it finally meet the desires of its players. But for that, as we let you know, it may take a while longer.

The inventory problems are expected to last until the end of 2021. In the meantime, you can still try to win in the many contests taking place on the Web. Indeed, many media are winning consoles to their followers.

Not sure, despite everything, that it calms the anger of some.


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