PS5 gets more attention from Xbox Series X in Player poll


The Sony console arouses a greater desire to buy than Microsoft’s bet on British soil. These are the results of the study. The popular trends market agency Experience 12 has carried out a survey in the United Kingdom where they have consulted about the purchase interest aroused by both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, the new generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft planned for the end of 2020 The winner, with a wide margin, was PS5.

84% of participants will buy a new launch console

According to the data, the work was carried out through the response of 3,000 participants in the MCM Comic Con through digital channels. Of these, 80% correspond to the age range between 18 and 34 years; 50% were men and 41% were women, non-binary or no response gender. The results are clear: 84% of all participants will buy a new console in the first six months after its launch.

The most enthusiastic, those who will go to the store for their Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 unit at the time of launch, are dated at 37%; while 9% will do so after the first month, 12% after three months and, finally, the remaining 25% will do so within the six-month period.

Now, what console will initially enter your homes? This group of British participants declared regular video game players has answered the following:

PS5: 84% of votes
Xbox Series X: 15% of the votes

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