PS5: Fortnite estrena gameplay con Unreal Engine 4


Epic Games’ free-to-play title will come to the next generation with a first adaptation since launch. There was no doubt that Epic Games was going to transfer its star video game to the new generation of consoles, something that the North American company had previously confirmed. At the PlayStation 5 launch event there was time for all kinds of announcements and trailers. Of course, Fortnite did not miss the party and it was shown in a gameplay that you can see on these lines.

As the video points out, the game will be available from the same console launch day, which means that players will be able to enjoy the experience as soon as they connect the system. It should be noted that this battle royale works under the free-to-play model, so monetization is reserved for microtransactions of objects. It is not necessary to have a PlayStation Plus subscription to play Fortnite, despite its status as an online video game.

With Unreal Engine 5 in the future

Epic Games is working on moving the title to new technology, but it is a transition that will take time. The intention of the developer is to work on a port in Unreal Engine 4, although in the future they will redesign it with Unreal Engine 5. This new multiplatform graphics engine has had Sony as a preferred partner, since the Japanese have collaborated and were present in it. presentation event, which used footage on PlayStation 5.

PlayStation 5 will go on sale on November 12 in countries such as the United States and Japan. European players will have to wait a few more days, specifically until November 19. While the digital model will have a recommended price of 399.99 euros, the version with a disc reader will cost 499.99 euros. As for the price of the games, Sony Interactive Entertainment has confirmed an increase: the first party titles will be sold for 79.99 euros.

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