PS5: Former Destiny and Mass Effect Developers Work on Exclusive Multiplayer Game


PS5: Sony announces an agreement with Firewalk to design this new gaming experience, which seeks to create memorable moments for gamers.The head of PlayStation said in a recent interview that the division is working on bringing new exclusive games to PS5. Jim Ryan didn’t mention any specific projects, but Sony Interactive Entertainment just announced a publishing partnership with Firewalk Studios, a team that was founded in 2018 in Seattle and includes either Ryan Ellis, former Destiny Creative Director, or Elena Siegman, producer. of titles like Guitar Hero II or Bioshock Infinite. It also has in its ranks developers of Mass Effect or Apex Legend, among others.

In a press release, the Japanese company explained that this agreement is an opportunity to create worlds “and inspire incredible moments for all players.” In this sense, Tony Hsu, director of the study, has been shown on the official PlayStation Blog. They have also reported that the development of the video game is already advanced.

The goal: transfer the feeling of happiness

“We are currently working very hard on the development of this new title and have already enjoyed some hilarious games in the process. As the team grew throughout this last challenging year, daily online playtests allowed us to enjoy fun times and strengthen our bonds of friendship. The fact that we could all have a good time together, despite the physical distance, helped us feel more united. Our goal is to provide the players with that same feeling of happiness, so we look forward to sharing our work when the time comes, ”Hsu says.

Firewalk Studios is conceived as a developer focused on next-gen triple-A games. She is a member of ProbablyMinster and has assembled “an incredible and diverse team of highly talented people with the goal of creating similar moments.” The studio’s motto, he continues, is “form a good team and create a good game.” He assures that they have been able to promote a sustainable work environment in which “people are the most important element.”


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