PS5: first update brings Share Play with PS4 and USB storage


PS5 users can now prepare to receive the first major update of the device’s operating system. Sony announced that it will release tomorrow (14) an update for the new generation console bringing great news, including support for USB storage, news on Share Play between PS4 and PS5 and OS improvements.

With the update, players will be able to use devices such as external hard drives to store PS5 games. Games made for PlayStation 5 cannot be downloaded or played directly via USB storage, but it is possible to save games and transfer them to the internal SSD at the time of gameplay.

“It’s faster to reinstall PS5 games over USB extended storage than to download them again or copy them from a disc,” explains Sony, in a post on the PlayStation Blog.

Share Play across generations

Another novelty that comes with the update is Share Play between PS4 and PS5: the screen sharing and gameplay feature can now be used with consoles of different generations. “Options include the ability to share the screen with a friend, virtually pass control to a friend, or pass a second control over virtually to play cooperative games together,” explains the company.

PlayStation consoles will also have an option to request to participate in online games. With the novelty, the user can see friends who are playing online and send an invitation quickly to join the game.

Pre-download updates and improved interface

Those who play on PlayStation 5 will also notice other news, including improvements to the console interface. The Game Base Menu will be updated to offer important features more quickly, according to Sony.

The PS5 system will also allow the player to disable voice chat during gameplay and adjust the volume more easily. The update also has a feature to customize the game library, including the option to hide games, and zoom in on the home screen.

In addition, the update will provide support for pre-downloading game updates on PS5. With that, the user will be able to download game patches as soon as the developers release the content to the console.


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