PS5: Final Fantasy 7 Remake is bit more certain come out


According to our colleagues from Phoneandroid, Final Fantasy 7 Remake could well land on PS5, several months after its release on PS4

Fans of the saga have been waiting for years: a remake of Final Fantasy 7. The famous RPG, one of the first of its kind at the time, playable on PS One. Decades later, Squarenix decided to breathe new life into Cloud, Aerith, Tifa and Barett, releasing a version on PS4 and possibly soon on PS5.

Breathtaking graphics allowing fans of the early hours to see “really” what was going on during the adventure they had been on many years ago. Because yes, as good as it was, the story could not really be appreciated at its true value. Because people were just big moving cubes.

This time, it is indeed in CG that we saw the fight of Cloud and Barett against the robot of a Mako reactor. The arrival of Final Fantasy 7 Remake simply allowed fans to play one of their favorite games, but in a different way. So imagine on PS5?

Besides, playing this saga, Xbox gamers dream of it, but the exclusive contract between Sony and Squarenix has yet to last a while according to Phoneandroid. In other words, the game should not land on the console right away, but nothing can be excluded.

What about the PS5? Owners of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, PS4 version, can already play it as it is backward compatible. But is there going to be a real PS5 version? This is the question everyone is asking.


“Yes” according to Phoneandroid. Indeed, the media believes in it. While this release might not come right away … It could still be in the developers’ pipes. But what could this next-gen version offer us?

Once again, the media has stated the expectations of Final Fantasy 7 Remake in an improved version: “We are waiting for refined textures and a graphics engine that takes advantage of the strengths of the PS5. We also expect very short load times. But should we wait for additional content? ”

As for the last question, it could be that a few hours of playtime could add to the starting story campaign. Because it was a big disappointment to all the fans that the game turned out to be rather short.

Because yes, if you did not know, the producers wanted to do as on PS One. Namely, split the game into several CDs, like the first version. History to plunge fans of the saga back a few years but above all, to spend a lot of money … It remains to be seen whether the price will increase if the game lands on PS5 …


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