PS5 is so fast that Unreal Engine 5 needed to be rewritten

The PlayStation 5 is so fast that Epic Games had to rewrite Unreal Engine 5 to get the most out of its performance. The statement came from Nick Penwarden, the company’s vice president of engineering, in an interview with VG247.

The new generation of video games, this includes the Xbox Series X, will have the SSD (Solid State Drive) as the main differential. In particular, this changes the loading time of games, but also the rendering of scenarios, for example.

“The PS5 delivers a huge leap in both computing and graphics performance, but its storage architecture is also really special,” said the executive.

Epic Games demonstrated a demo of Unreal Engine on PS5 in May during the Summer Fest. They used a technical demo called ‘Lumen in the Land of Nanite’, which demonstrates how the tool can render more than 16 billion polygons in real time in a scenario.

With this, developers can better explore how game levels are designed and distributed. This, of course, given that a massive amount of content can be transmitted per second.

“The ability to stream content at extreme speeds allows developers to create denser, more detailed environments,” said Penwarden. He also cites that it could change “the way we think about streaming content”.

“It is something so impressive that we have rewritten our main I / O subsystems [input / output, input / output] for Unreal Engine with the PlayStation 5 in mind,” added the executive.

Benefits across all platforms

Despite the direct relationship with the Sony system, Epic Games founder and CEO Tim Sweeney says the Xbox Series X will also benefit from the improvements. Microsoft’s video game, like Sony’s, comes with NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) SSD storage.

This Thursday (4), Sony would hold an event to demonstrate PS5 games. The event was canceled due to protests and conflicts in the United States against racism. A new date for the event, until then, was not disclosed.



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