The PS5 is “far superior to anything you find on PC”!


Tim Sweeney returned to the first demonstration of the PS5. Calling it superior to a PC in terms of power

“Finally” probably cried fans of the PS5. Finally a demo of a game running on their future console. Indeed, Epic Games has just unveiled a first technological demo running in real time on the future jewel of Sony. A jewel that would be more powerful than a PC!

We’re not the ones saying it, but the boss of the Fortnite game company Tim Sweeney. As relayed by our colleagues from Frandroid, he was giving his opinion on the power of next-gen console, scheduled for the end of 2020.

The Epic Games boss, saying about the PS5, “It’s not just a great GPU. And they didn’t just take the latest PC hardware to upgrade, choosing the ease. The PlayStation 5 storage architecture is far superior to anything you can buy. Well, in any PC for any amount right now. ”

Before adding: “It’s great to see this kind of innovation. This will help push future PCs forward. They’ll see this thing happen and say, “Wow, we’re going to have to level up.” ”

In short, the release of the PS5 could push some PC manufacturers to go further in terms of power than what they already have. A nice challenge for the future therefore.

All gamers have probably seen the demo in question. Demo in which we could see a character “flying” from cliff to cliff. Well, know that such a demo was impossible to achieve with the old consoles.

Indeed, still according to Tim Sweeney, only the PS5 allows such a result: “We could not count on a large bandwidth to manage scenes like this. You had a beautiful scene and a long loading time, then another beautiful scene. It disrupted the gaming experience. ”

Letting it be known that the primary goal for the future remains to create “worlds without limits”: “We have a goal for the next generation. It is nothing more than continuous and flawless worlds. And allow all developers to do it. You can have this level of loyalty over as many kilometers and gigabytes as you want. ”

With such statements and a breathtaking demo, all PS5 fans are now waiting for the release of the PS5. But for that, we will have to wait a few more months.


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