PS5 Explained How The Device’s New Feature Is Used


Game developers have announced how to use the new heptic control feature of the new generation game console PlayStation 5, which is expected to come with many innovations.

Sony PlayStation 5, one of the game consoles eagerly awaited by players around the world, includes many new technologies such as the heptic system. In order for these technologies to make sense for gamers, they must also be used by developers.

The developers of many productions such as Demon’s Souls and Horizon explained how the console’s new technologies will affect our gaming experience. New technologies mean new game mechanics available.

PS5 games will “exploit” the heptic system

All feedback system will help players improve their experience. Thanks to this mechanism, we will sometimes learn about the location of our enemies, and sometimes notice broken weapons. We will see different innovative uses of the technology in question.

Gavin Moore of SIE Japan Studio says that this technology will allow us to feel the collisions of sharp metals and the force they exert on each other in sword fights in Demon’s Souls. Thus, we will be able to make our movements sharper and more accurate.

Insomniac, the producer of Spider-Man: Miles Morales, stated that they plan to imitate spider feelings using the vibrations of the controller. We will also see the impact of the blows on the control.

Developers from various companies also state that they will use the heptic system, especially for different weapons to give different feelings. Thus, the things we see visually and the experience we feel will be similar.

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Heptic controls will activate the sense of touch

There are many games that are confirmed to be released for the new console. We will see this technology in one of these games, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. For example, it will be more difficult to pull the trigger with some weapons. In addition, this will give us the chance to make new movements.

Mathjis de Jonge, manager of Horizon Forbidden West, says that weapons in general will offer a more satisfying experience thanks to the adaptive buttons, so weapons such as bows can give the right feel.

What do you think about the new technology? Do you think heptic technology will succeed to be as remarkable as mentioned? Or will it be a feature that unnecessarily increases the price of the device?


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