PS5: should we expect out of stock because of the coronavirus?


If Sony says that the Covid-19 crisis will have no impact on the PS5 release date, it could, however, have repercussions on stocks. Is a shortage to be expected?

For many weeks, the Covid-19 pandemic has been at the heart of all debates. And for good reason !

Around the world, the virus is spreading and continues to claim lives. We have to believe that he leaves us no respite.

Faced with this extraordinary situation, we must act. As you know, not leaving your home remains the best way to fight.

Stuck at home, another scourge then appears. You will understand, it is about boredom!

Next to their faithful console, gamers then defeat this common enemy without much difficulty.

However, this news could be right for their morale. According to a report released by Blooberg, the PS5 could indeed experience a very rapid stock-out.

Arrested repeatedly, the Japanese company says the virus “has not yet delayed the launch of the PS5 yet.”

So there is nothing to worry about. Sony says the PS5 will be available by the end of the year. Besides, it should be for the holiday season.

However, the health crisis we face seems to have affected production in a completely different way.

According to the report published by Bloomberg, the PS5 will therefore be the victim of a shortage! Less than 6 million copies will see the light of day.

As much to tell you, it is very little! It will then be necessary to wait several months before the second batch.

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To hope to have the console from the first days, it will then be necessary to pre-order it.


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