PS5: early previews claim it’s “exceptionally quiet”


Different Japanese users have already been able to test PlayStation 5. They emphasize that its fan is even more surprising than the loading times.

Several Japanese media are being able to test almost final units of PlayStation 5. After seeing a complete gallery of images of the console, details regarding the hardware of the machine have transpired; specifically the model with a disc reader, which is what PlayStation Japan has sent to 4Gamer and Dengeki, among others. According to his impressions, it is an “exceptionally quiet” console.

Both publications coincide in highlighting this aspect, which positively collides with the most criticized of all PS4 models: it emitted too much noise in almost any condition. “I started playing one of the launch games, Godfall, and after a while I checked [the temperature]. The breeze from the fan was soft and did not feel excessively hot ”, says 4Gamer, who also highlights that the absence of noise caught his attention even more than the speed of the SSD memory.

Regarding this temperature, the Japanese media reports on the upper fan that “I could barely hear the rotation of the fan.” Dengeki agrees and highlights that the PS5 unit they have tested was “exceptionally quiet”, with a cooling system that, this time, seems to be as promised.

Sony assured that it has taken “a great effort” to reduce noise

Last June, Sony assured in the voice of Simon Rutter, PlayStation’s European business manager, that it had taken “a great effort” to reduce the noise of the console, which is considered by the majority as one of the main problems of machine.

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PlayStation 5 and PS5 Digital Edition will hit stores on November 19 in Europe; Although the games can be purchased in Spain from November 12, the same date as the launch of the console in other countries such as the United States. The console will be priced at 499 euros and 399 euros, respectively. Here you can check the stores that have opened reservations.


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