PS5: DualShock 4 controller works on the console


Controls, steering wheels, headphones and other PlayStation 4 (PS4) accessories will be compatible with PlayStation 5 (PS5), according to a post on the official PlayStation blog on Monday (3).

Although compatibility exists, Sony warns that there may be some restrictions, such as the fact that DualShock 4, the PS4 controller, cannot be used to play PS5 games.

Another limitation is the need for an adapter to connect the PlayStation Camera to the new console. In addition, the text explains that compatibility with steering wheels and other types of controls may not be universal – it is up to the user to consult each manufacturer to find out if a particular accessory can be used with the new PlayStation.

Of all this, the measure that affects most players concerns DualShock 4. The controller will be recognized by the PS5 and anyone who wants to can use it to play PS4 games on the PS5. However, DualShocks cannot be used with games originally created for PS5.

From a technical point of view, the restriction makes sense: DualSense, Sony’s new controller, offers technologies that did not exist in its predecessor. Features such as haptic feedback for more complex sensations of touch and triggers with adaptive resistance levels are some of those elements that could compromise gameplay, if DualShock 4 were supported.

The blog also clarifies that the PlayStation Camera, a fundamental element for the PSVR, will be compatible with the new PlayStation 5. Sony also says that an adapter – to be distributed free to PSVR users – will be necessary to use the accessory with the new console. .

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Regarding the other types of controls, such as racing racing wheels and joysticks dedicated to flying and fighting games, there is an understanding that, by default, these devices will be supported on the new Sony console.

However, the level of this support may vary depending on the model and the manufacturer. Sony even recommends that consumers consult each brand to find out if a particular product will be supported by the PlayStation 5.


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