PS5: DualSense will make you forget DualShock4 immediately


Enjoy your last moments with a DualShock4 in your hands. The DualSense is coming in force alongside a highly anticipated PS5!

By the end of the year, the PS5 will therefore enter the video game market. From the first impressions, the DualSense sends heavy enough to make you forget the DualShock4.

As you know, the country has been on pause for more than 3 weeks. Stuck at home , you have to find something to take care of.

For gamers, this situation does not seem to be a problem. Next to their console , they brave this ordeal with flying colors.

If they don’t know it yet, PS4 holders spend their last moments with a DualShock4 in their hands.

And yes ! The new controller from Sony arrives and intends to establish itself as the new reference.

Please leave room for the famous DualSense , the official controller for the PS5 ! What a startling entry.

According to the first tests, this little gem of technology sends very heavy.

To his delight, the vice president of Bethesda’s marketing department had the opportunity to take charge of the future controller for the PS5 .

“I had the opportunity to test the haptic feedback and adaptive trigger on this thing and I was impressed.”

“I think the games will send very cool things with this controller.” What stir the impatience of the players!

“Basically, you immediately forget the PS4 controller . I went back and forth between the 2 controllers and I just wanted to use that of the PS5 “.

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In its very refined style, the DualSense therefore promises great things. It must be said that the developers have opted for a style very different from the old models .

From now on, all you have to do is discover the design of the PS5 !


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