PS5 DualSense has a drift problem


PlayStation 5 players are facing a serious problem with DualSense, a video game controller that came as one of the big news of this generation of consoles. After some time of use, the control has one of its defective analogues, stuck in one direction when it is not receiving any commands.

The iFixit website, known for analyzing device repairability, took a good look at DualSense and explains that this problem is not surprising. This is because the way the analog is assembled is the same as other models on the market that have already presented the same problem. DualShock 4, Xbox One controller and even Nintendo Switch Pro controls, fall into the category that uses this type of mount.

The potentiometer, according to iFixit, is the main component that is defective in DualSense. In addition to being able to be prevented from functioning by small particles of dust, food or any other external element, it also has a low life cycle. According to the official page of the part used to build the PlayStation 5 controller, each of these pieces can last up to 2 million cycles. And the analog click (R3, L3) is guaranteed to last for up to 500 thousand clicks.

These cycles also depend a lot on the intensity of the gameplay and the type of game played. As an example, iFixit used Call of Duty: Warzone and came to the conclusion that this is equivalent to about 400 hours of gameplay. After these hours of playing a fps with such intensity the control can present problems.