PS5 DualSense: gaining interest after success of controller


The positive reception of the players in front of the haptic response technology of the new PlayStation 5 controller awakens market disposition.

Haptic feedback technology has gained interest in the last year thanks to the positive reception surrounding the DualSense controller for Sony’s new console, the PlayStation 5. Jared Smith, Acting CEO of Immersion Corps – the company that implements this cutting-edge technology in the PS5 controller — celebrated during the financial results presentation that the release of the console has positively impacted the overall value of haptic controls and their value in the entertainment industry.

“Haptic technology is quickly emerging as one of the most innovative in terms of improving the user experience, products and content, as can be seen in the PlayStation 5 controller, the DualSense, which offers a gaming experience to the next level ”, he said at the meeting with shareholders.

“The positive market reception for the DualSense controller has catalyzed increased market interest in haptic technology, which we are seeing across the industry, as well as in our engagements with customers and partners.”

Following the successful launch of the console, Immersion Corps celebrates the long-term partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment, and they look forward to more console controllers supporting this technology going forward. In short, they estimate that the high interest it arouses in the market will translate into more support from large companies to incorporate haptic response in their peripherals.

DualSense, one of the great technological assets of PS5

The PS5 DualSense controller, incorporated with the purchase of the console in both the standard model and the PS5 Digital Edition solution, includes a three-axis motion sensor, haptic response on the R2 and L2 triggers, as well as haptic feedback vibration with dual throttles. This translates into a dynamic game experience through these two buttons, which adapt their resistance to the player’s actions according to what happens on the screen. Sony promises a more immersive experience in video games driving (feeling differences in terrain), shooting (differentiating a gun from a bow) and more.


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