PS5: DualSense controller with programmed obsolescence


Much to the chagrin of PS5 gamers, the DualSense controller may well have been created with planned obsolescence.

Accused of not reacting to complaints from players, the very famous Japanese manufacturer finds itself at the heart of an investigation … Is the PS5’s DualSense controller made with programmed obsolescence?

Available for purchase since November 19, 2020, the PS5 quickly saw its stocks go up in smoke. Customers didn’t wait a second!

It must be said that Sony knew how to put water in their mouths. For many months, the company fueled the mystery around its little gem.

And she seems to have kept her promises! The new machine from the very famous Japanese manufacturer meets even the most demanding expectations. Eh yes !

But when it comes to the controller, that’s a whole different story … As you probably know, the DualSense therefore has a drift problem.

This is reflected in particular by uncontrolled camera movements, or characters who move without any intervention from the player.

As you can imagine, this totally ruins the gaming experience Sony promised. And the owners of PS5 do not intend to miss this detail of great importance….

They are suing the Japanese manufacturer!

PS5: The DualSense controller made with programmed obsolescence?


Not long ago, a very famous American law firm therefore decided to take the case to justice. The latter accuses Sony in particular of not meeting the expectations of players.

He thus circulated a questionnaire to them in order to collect as many testimonies as possible. And there is a hell of a lot!

The iFixit site then decided to support the firm by investigating the reasons for this famous drift problem. And he made a discovery …

The components of the analog sticks of the PS5 controller are known for their low lifespan. Yes, you did hear it.

In the investigation report, it was discovered that they began to seriously wear out after 400 hours of play, or 4 to 7 months of use.

And don’t expect to fix your controller on your own. Unless you are an expert, it is really very complicated. We have to change the materials …

But Sony is not the only Japanese manufacturer to exhibit such a problem with its products. Indeed, Nintendo is also in the viewfinder of the players, and this, for almost 3 years already.

As you probably know, the Joy-Con of the Switch have exactly the same drift concern. It’s a real scourge! And it doesn’t look like it’s going to go away.

So, will the very famous Sony company meet the demands of those who own a PS5?


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