PS5: DualSense controller will have a deviation issue!


To the chagrin of many PS5 players, the DualSense drift problem is therefore likely to persist. More than that, it gets worse!

As you probably know, some PS5 controllers have a little drift issue that totally ruins the gaming experience. The DualSense’s joystick drifts and the problem could well and truly get worse!

Available for purchase since November 19, 2020, the PS5 quickly saw its stocks go up in smoke. Players around the world have flocked to it!

It must be said that Sony was able to put water in their mouths by fueling the mystery around its new little gem. And it is a success!

Despite a very special period, the very famous Japanese manufacturer is preparing to have the most successful fiscal year in the history of video games. Yes, you did hear it.

But not everything could turn out the way he had planned. Not long ago, a reputable American law firm therefore deployed a questionnaire to identify the problems that the console presents.

If the latter does not present any, its controller is already starting to do its own. The drift concern is back!

Like the DualShock, the DualSense’s left joystick drifts with some players.

PS5: the DualSense controller would have a huge drift problem!


Supported by the very famous American law firm, PS5 players therefore point the finger at the problem of DualSense controllers drifting.

We have to believe that a lot of them have this little flaw. A small flaw, certainly, but one which totally ruins the gaming experience promised by Sony.

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This results in particular in characters who move without the intervention of the players. The spring which determines the “neutral point” deteriorates far too quickly!

But what they mostly criticize the very famous Japanese manufacturer is its lack of involvement in solving the problem.

Very little is said about this one. It must be said that he does not really have the means to fix it at the moment … His priority: restocking the stocks of PS5.

Indeed, the demand for consoles is much higher than the supply made available. In fact, much to the chagrin of those who are hoping to get one sooner rather than later, Sony recently announced that they have to wait until the second half of the year. No, you’re not dreaming !

The only machines available are those offered for sale by the scalpers. But if, you know, those who buy consoles en masse and sell them at a high price.

Despite its enormous success, the new Japanese gem is already facing a number of problems. So this is a case to be continued …


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