PS5 Digital and accessories suffer price reduction in Brazil


PlayStation Brazil announced on Tuesday afternoon (03) that the PS5, PS5 Digital and console accessories will have a price reduction in the country after the tax cut measures (IPI) in the country. The PS5 now costs R $ 4,699 (previously R $ 4,999) and the PS5 Digital costs R $ 4,199 (before R $ 4,499).

The price decrease is due to measures taken by President Jair Bolsonaro, who reduced the IPI on video games from 40% to 30% on October 26. Check the updated prices:

  • PlayStation®5 Digital Edition – from R $ 4,499 to R $ 4,199 (suggested price)
  • PlayStation®5 with Blu-ray Ultra HD input – from R $ 4,999 to R $ 4,699 (suggested price)
  • DualSense ™ wireless control – from $ 499 to $ 469 (suggested price)
  • HD Camera – from R $ 449 to R $ 419 (price)

The IPI, or Tax on Industrialized Products, is provided for in article 153, IV, of the Federal Constitution, and also applies to imported products, something that also applies to new video games, which are no longer manufactured in Brazil. Recently, the Xbox Series X / S also had price adjustments.

According to Sony, the new values ​​are already in effect immediately and people who have already purchased consoles in pre-sale should soon receive information from retailers (such as Amazon, Submarino, Americanas etc.) to readjust the original purchase price. That is, people who have already purchased the PlayStation in Brazil should receive a discount on the old value soon.

The PS5 and PS5 Digital will launch on November 19 in Brazil (in select countries, the launch will be on November 12).

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