PS5: Demon’s Souls Remake details customization


The new version of the From Software classic directed by Hidekata Miyazaki continues to show all its main features.

Demon’s Souls is back. From Software’s work is revived on PS5 thanks to a remake designed by Bluepoint Games, a studio specialized in updating titles that already has experience with other Sony games (Shadow of the Colossus Remake, God of War Collection, etc). In a new update to the official blog, Gavin Moore, Creative Director at Sony Worldwide Studios External Development, has explained how protagonist customization and Photo Mode work.

“Rebuilding Demon’s Souls from scratch has been hard work, not only because of the imposing size of the original title, but also because we know how much PlayStation fans love it. We love it too, and that’s why we’ve put a lot of effort into recreating every single feature of the original game on PS5, including the character creator, ”he says.

Millions of possible combinations

The new character creation system includes numerous options, so that up to 16 million different combinations can be given. In addition to adding many of the customization possibilities of the PS3 version, they have strived “so that there is enough variety if you like to fiddle with each of the options.” The developers have shown an example in images, which you can see in this news. Of course, you can show the character to the other players who are seen by the world.

According to Moore, creating a character to suit the player allows “establishing an emotional bond with the world” of the video game. He emphasizes that you do not play the same “with a muscular barbarian” as with “an almighty god” or with “an ordinary person.” In these titles, death is not the end, but an opportunity to return in triumph. “Each victory will be more satisfactory, because you will enjoy every moment that your character is still alive.”

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As for the Photo Mode, it will be possible to hide or show weapons and the helmet; You can also eliminate the character to capture the majestic settings. Poses and expression changes are also a plausible option, as is the ability to adjust the camera, zoom in or out, add film grain, or blur your companions.

Demon’s Souls Remake will be released on November 19 exclusively for PlayStation 5.


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