PS5 customized with The Last of Us


A fan of the Naughty Dog saga fully customizes a PlayStation 5 and shares his work with the community; photos of a single console.

The Last of Us franchise has already become one of the most recognizable icons of the PlayStation brand, both due to its high sales of its different deliveries and versions and its high ratings by the specialized press and the public. Therefore, it is not strange to see how some fans with console customization facilities create their own works inspired by their favorite titles; And in the absence of a PS5 with a differentiating element based on one of its franchises, a fan has made one of the most spectacular customizations of the new Sony console -and any other machine- that are remembered.

A tribute to the Naughty Dog saga

Thus, the user retro_licker has presented his latest work, which is none other than a fully customized PlayStation 5 unit with motifs from The Last of Us; and the result could not be more striking and surprising. This is how he has shared it through his personal Instagram account, showing a PS5 with a disc reader with a design of its cases and its different elements with the post-apocalyptic appearance of the Naughty Dog saga.

Several are the elements that are fully identified with The Last of Us, from the worn bricks with moss to the symbol of the Fireflies, passing through two logos of the video game both on one side and in the center piece of the console. In addition, and despite the fact that the artist has not shown the console working, he assures that it is fully functional and that it can be used without problem to play like any other PlayStation 5.

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And is that in the absence of customization options by Sony and third-party companies that have not been able to commercialize their proposals for interchangeable cases, these artistic proposals are even more striking. Do not miss our selection of images with the most spectacular custom consoles.


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