PS5 | Custom case company to return via crowdfunding


Customize My Plates finds a legal alternative to be able to market covers in alternative colors for the new PlayStation 5.

The British company Customize My Plates (formerly known as PlateStation5), has found a legal alternative to fulfill the desire of many users to be able to access personalized PS5 covers. After withdrawing its entire product lineup due to the intervention of Sony, which forced its withdrawal, those responsible have announced that they will open a crowdfunding (collective financing campaign) through Gofundme.

Sony ordered to withdraw the sale of these custom covers for PS5

On October 30, the person in charge of Customize My Plates issued a statement on his official Twitter account to communicate that “due to a patent and intellectual property conflict” they had to cancel all reservations and payment processes to proceed with a refund. None of the purchases initially made on its website could be processed, so all possible users of these alternative cases were waiting for a legal solution that would not interfere with Sony’s legal policies.

Just a few days ago, Customize My Plates asked its fans if they would be interested in a crowdfunding platform to make these red, black, blue and more colorful cases a reality for the upcoming PS5. As VGC has learned, the interest has been such that they have chosen to move on; Although they will not give specific details for a few days through their social networks.

What is unknown at this point is whether this small company has managed to resolve its legal conflicts with Sony, given that the Japanese company seems not to be interested in anyone acting with such a movement and anticipating an eventual official commercialization of cases by from PlayStation. For its part, the Japanese firm has limited itself to saying that in 2020 there will only be one color, white, but they do not close the doors to other alternative covers of more colors.

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The Customize My Plates solution was priced at $ 39.99 per unit before Sony halted the operation.

PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition arrive in Spain and the rest of Europe this November 19 at a price of 499 euros and 399 euros, respectively, with all these launch games.


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