PS5 counts your hours played; also your PS4 game history


PS5 has new features in our profile, such as the possibility of knowing the game time that we dedicate to its catalog and that of PS4.

You will be able to know the game time that you have dedicated in PS5. As part of the improvements in the features of the profile, now you will be able to know how many hours you have invested in a title and when was the last time you started it. The memory reaches even those who have played on PS4; your hours invested in the current generation catalog will remain visible.

So we have been able to know thanks to the extensive coverage that from MeriStation we are making to PS5. Our editorial coordinator, Francisco Alberto Serrano, shares an image of what that segment of the menu looks like. In your profile you will find General Information, Games, Friends and Shared. Inside the second tab is where you can see your progress, the trophy counter and the playing time.

This renewal of the interface design evolves the current version of the profile view on PS4, added to new features such as those that give rise to these lines.

PS5: First steps into a new world

With this phrase we started our final impressions with the fifth generation of PlayStation. Impressions of a platform that leaves “immediate benefits based on the comfort, speed and satisfaction of sitting on the couch and starting to play before finishing reclining.” You can read the full text here. If you prefer, you can see our unboxing in this other link. Backward compatibility, SSD memories, muscle via hardware … there are many keys not only of PS5, but also of its rival, Xbox Series X | S.

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