PS5 Controller Revealed Black Color of DualSense


The black design of the controller of Playstation 5, DualSense, which will be presented to the game lovers in the coming days, has emerged. Images of unknown origin also contain information about the dimensions of DualSense.

Japan-based technology giant Sony continues its work for the new game arm PlayStation 5, which will be launched soon. At this point, the company announced many features of the new generation console with an event that it organized in the previous periods, and for the first time presented the console game device DualSense to the taste of the game lovers.

In these images shared by Sony, it was noteworthy that DualSense has two basic colors because this design was a first for Sony. The Japanese company, which has always preferred a monochrome design in the game controllers it has released in the past years, has also not announced any different color options related to DualSense. Now photos showing DualSense’s possible black design have appeared online.

Black DualSense appeared with its dimensions:

When we look at the images, we see a dual color DualSense controller dominated by black color. Here, the buttons and D-Pad are white, while black is used in all the rest. Assuming that these images are real, we can also say that a solid black controller as users wanted is not in Sony’s recent plans.

These images, whose source is unknown, also contain initial information about the dimensions of the controller. Accordingly, DualSense, the controller of PlayStation 5, will have approximately 180 mm width and 120 mm height.

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For comparison, the PlayStation 4’s controller DualShock 4 was approximately 162mm wide and 98mm high. This means that the new DualSense is quite large compared to the previous generation DualShock 4.

As we have already mentioned, Sony did not reveal any different color options for DualSense. So this black DualSense you see above may be an early production prototype or there is a possibility that the images are completely fake. We will only be able to learn the answer to this question in the upcoming days, when a new statement comes from Sony.


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