PS5 controller has button for Disney + and Netflix


A PlayStation 5 remote control with shortcut buttons for Disney +, Netflix, Spotify and YouTube services should be launched here in Brazil. Documents obtained by Tecnoblog also reveal the partnership between Sony and Disney, which should launch its streaming service in Brazil on November 17.

In the manual released by the website, the media control of model CFI-ZMR1 would also have been approved by Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency). It is also mentioned that the user can use voice commands for multimedia control, operate the PS5 and start games, and that there is a new dedicated button for the microphone.

The choice of the four services mentioned at the beginning should vary according to the region. In the official disclosure image of the remote control, there is no indication of a shortcut to any specific service, for example.

In addition to the console, Sony’s own TVs will bring remote control with dedicated shortcuts for media platforms. In models RMF-TX621B and RMF-TX520B, also approved by Anatel, it is mentioned that the shortcuts of Disney +, YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are present.

PS5 after the Xbox Series S / X?

The prices to be applied to the PlayStation 5 and its accessories have not yet been revealed. Sony has not commented on the matter so far and has not confirmed a date for starting sales of the console.

However, given the launch date of the Disney service, it is likely that the PS5 will be released around the 17th of November as well. Seven days earlier, Microsoft will begin official sales of the new Xbox Series S and Series X for $ 299 and $ 499, respectively.


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